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Alisha Eisenhauer

Artist Alisha Eisenhauer
Acrylic Painting

Alisha Eisenhauer

Alisha Eisenhauer, has been painting for about four years, using mostly acrylic paints and is inspired by Picasso.

 A little bit about Alisha, she was in the USAF for twelve years as a jet engine mechanic, and now after getting out focus's on her time in school, attending full time for a degree in psychology. She uses painting as her own stress relief and enjoy sitting down and starting a new one based on how she is feeling at that moment, they are all very personal to her. She loves it when people find themselves in one of her paintings and it pushes her to keep going. Alisha has exhibited at an art show in London, UK, at 'The Brick Lane Gallery', and a few small art and craft fairs. She mainly loves the enjoyment of sharing her art with others, and plans to continue to improve and create mew beautiful art.