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Mei-Ling albert

Artist Mei-Ling Albert
Mixed Media

Meiling_AlbertEssentially I am a self-taught 'romantic' artist.   I see the world  around  me  in  terms of  beauty, love, and magic. I am moved by the beauty I find in nature; the character, pathos or subtlety of a human face; mythical / magical characters; dance / movement; and  color.  Much of my art seems to have a feminine flowing movement no matter what I'm depicting. I work in acrylic, prismacolor pencil, graphite, ink, and multimedia.  I want to become  masterful in the use of color, light, and composition, creating art that truly dances.  I also want to create portraits of people from around the world that move the heart. This is my heart vision. 

  Mei-Ling Albert ArtistMei-Ling Albert Artist Mei-Ling Albert Artist